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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Circle Orboros Warbeasts

Warpwolves are one of the most versatile Warbeasts in all of Hordes. At first glance they appear to be one of the weaker Heavy Warbeasts, but they perform extremely well in-game. They have the ability to enhance their strength, armour, or movement at will. They can brush aside otherwise debilitating damage through their regeneration and reactive warping abilities. Their chain attack cause automatic damage to each branch on a Beast's life spiral and causes knock-down. Any Circle Orboros Warpack can benefit from the inclusion of a Warpwolf (or 2).

Argus are the faithful two-headed pups of the Circle Orboros. The are fast and resilient beasts. Their heads can attack independently in melee, or can combine to hit with the same power as a Warpwolf. Their Doppler Bark ranged attack can paralyze an enemy model, forcing it to forfeit it's movement or action the next turn. This ability combines perfectly with the Warpwolf's chain attack. If a Warpwolf hits with it's initial attacks and its chain attack, yet the enemy model survives, an Argus can follow up with it's Doppler Bark and stack Paralysis with Knock Down, thereby virtually removing that model from the game for that next turn.

The Gorax is a great support Warbeast. It cost only 3 points more than an Argus but it has 4 Fury and a superb Animus, Primal. Primal grants +2 Strength and MAT to a friendly Warbeast. It also causes that Warbeast to automatically Frenzy during the next turn. This basically turns the targeted Warbeast into a guided Frenzy missile. Cast this on a Warpwolf and send it into the heart of the enemy to cause as much damage as possible. Unfortunately, I've never had a Primaled Warbeast actually survive long enough to Frenzy as my opponent always makes it a top priority to destroy the beast.

Woldwardens are the Tank of Hordes. They hit extremely hard and have a Slam-effect chain attack, they have more health than just about anything else, they have an excellent defensive Animus, and they have the ability to cast one of their Warlock's offensive spells for free. It's this last ability that really shines most of the time. A trio of Woldwardens matched with Krueger can cast three sets of Forked Lightning, hitting 6-12 enemy models, for free. This decimates infantry. Combine that with the Woldwarden's pure melee power and you have an excellent Warbeast that is hard to kill and that is a serious threat to just about anything that your opponent can field.

Woldwatchers are the smaller versions of the Woldwarden. They act as scouts and watchposts for the Circle Orboros. Woldwatchers have a set of abilities that combine very well together. Advance Deploy allows the Watcher to be placed almost to the middle of the battlefield before the game begins; Stone Form boosts the Watcher's already high Armour and prevents it from being thrown or slammed by the enemy, the Watcher's Vigilance Animus lets the Watcher make a free move and attack if an enemy model gets too close, finally Fertilizer makes anything killed by the Watcher's Claw or Ranged attacks turn into a 3" Forest for a turn. Combined, you have a Watcher that is very resilient and that can really control a portion of the battlefield on it's own by it's simple presence and it's ability to make additional terrain.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Circle Orboros Warlocks

Hordes is an excellent tabletop wargame that can be played on it's own or with Privateer Press's other game, Warmachine. Hordes is more of a traditional Fantasy setting while Warmachine is considered to be "Steampunk", a kind of meld of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Industrial Revolution.
Like most wargames, Hordes figures are supplied unassembled and unpainted as modelling is as much a part of the hobby as the game itself.

In my opinion, Hordes and Warmachine have a much more solid ruleset than Games Workshop (Warhammer 40k in particular) and is much more enjoyable. The storyline of the Privateer Press games is also much more dynamic and constantly evolves. At this point in Warmachine, several Warcasters have been promoted and have new "Epic" models with different rules.

My Hordes faction is the Circle Orboros, a secretive group of Druids that are determined to maintain a balance between the chaos of nature and the order of human civilization. The Circle draws it's power from the Devourer Wurm, and ancient god-like beast that is the embodiment of chaos.

Warlocks in Hordes are your main character. They are the representation of yourself on the battlefield. To date, there are 3 Warlocks available to each faction, with 2 additional Warlocks per faction forthcoming with the release of Hordes: Evolution in August of this year.

Each Warlock has a different set of strengths and synergies. The same set of Warbeasts and Units can perform very differently depending on which Warlock leads them.

The Circle Orboros Warlocks in Hordes: Primal are Kaya the Wildborne, Baldur the Stonecleaver, and Krueger the Stormwrath.

All Warlocks have control over Warbeasts, but Kaya the Wildborne is their Master. As her name suggests, her strengths are such that she brings out the destructive power of her Warbeasts. Her abilities revolve around misdirection and guerrilla tactics and the taming and unleashing of Warbeasts.

Baldur the Stonecleaver is a master of nature, earth and stone. He is the master of elemental constructs, the non-living Warbeasts of the Circle and can make them do things that other Warlocks find impossible. He is also the master of the forest itself and is able to create trees and teleport among them at will. Baldur's third facet is that of master of the earth. He can call upon the very ground itself to destroy his enemies or to impede their movement.

Krueger the Stormwrath a master of the elements. The winds blow at his will to frustrate the enemy and even to bear him aloft. Powerful tornadoes appear from a clear sky and move as he commands them. Lightning strikes true at his enemies and arcs from the weapons of his warpack. Of all the Druids of Orboros, Krueger can best harness the destructive power of nature and bend it to his will.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hordes Woldwardens

Here are some pictures of my Circle Orboros elemental constructs. These artificial creations are composed of Stone and Wood and are animated by the blood sacrifice of the Circle's enemies and powered by magical runes incribed by the Druids.

Here is a good size comparison pic of the Woldwarden and Woldwatcher. You really don't realize how small the watcher is or how big the Warden is until they are next to each other.
This is even more evident with this Warden as I repositioned him in order to emphasize his true size.

A family portrait of Baldur and his pet rocks. Baldur is the master of elemental constructs, and it is only fitting that his warpack include them whenever possible.

Sure he's cute, but you really don't want him to hug you!
The Woldwatcher has some of the best abilities in the game, but it comes at a price. He only has 2 fury and he is currently the most expensive light warbeast for the Circle.

Here are my 3 Woldwardens. Unfortunately there is only one version of the model of this warbeast, so I repositioned their legs and twisted and bent their arms in order to add some variety. The model in the center is the original pose.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tell 'em Steve Dave!

Mass Genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer.

So you know that annoying guy that won't shut up during the movie?

Pain in the ass, right?

And you know that guy who stood up in the theatre and went off on a religious-right rampage during 'that scene' in The Crying Game.

Come on dude, its just a movie. Shut up! Down in front! If you need to yak, go to the restroom!

Well this beats all.

Joel Siegel, resident Film Critic for Good Morning America, and the guy who gave horrible puns a new lease on life, hated the first 40 minutes of Clerks II. Fine, no big deal. Who listens to Critics anyway?

But did he watch the rest of the movie and then slam it with a signature pun the next day in his review?


Instead, he stands up and yells to the other critics, over the continuing dialogue on screen, that its time to leave. And as he storms out of the theatre he continues to yell about how this is the first [explicative deleted] time he has ever walked out of a move.

Makes me think of Jules Asner in J. & S.B. S. B., "...we're going to make them eat our [explicative deleted], then [explicative deleted] out our [explicative deleted], then eat their [explicative deleted] which is made up of our [explicative deleted] that we made them eat."

Classy, huh?

You don't have to like the movie, heck you're paid not to! Tell America about it on your freaking GMA segment and post it on the internet. That's what the internet is for after all, bitching about movies and sharing pornography with one another. (snoogans!)
But you DO have to respect the fact that there are other people there that are trying to watch it. And since you are being PAID to watch it and give you opinion, you should probably watch the whole thing, don't 'cha think?

Read the whole story, and Kevin Smith's response, here:

My love for you is like a truck.
Would you like some making fuck?